On Hemfjället 850 m above sealevel and 5 k´s on

skis/snowmobile-trails you will find Hemfjällsstugan .

People have come here for decades to enjoy tranquielity and to eat wafffels and freshly boiled coffee. 
Today Hemfjällsstugan also is a nice and popular assembly room in the evenings.

We light the fire in the stove in our kitchen & in the 

"refreshment room" there´s also a fireplace. 

Besides waffles we alsco serve gulaschsoup, hot dogs and sandwiches. You can also find candy, cinnamonbuns & different kind of hot and cold beverages.


Welcome back in december 2019!!

Welcome to:


Opening hours:

Open all days from 21 of december 10am -15pm(16)pm

until thursday 25 of april. 

If you wish to visit us in the evenings, you can send you´r request on: info@gustavgrill.se or call on: +4670-644 02 25 


We can welcome larger group
and companies

Below you find the eveningmenus:

Vi tillämpar Visitas bokningsregler!


Starts on friday the 7th of february.

at 10am, 11am,12am &

if it is sunny: on 1 pm

No reservations needed.

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